Sky TV Jobs

by admin on August 6, 2010

Sky is more than just a communications network. The high quality content on each of their products entertains, excites and inspires their customers. With a customer base of 9,860,000 (and steadily growing) satisfied clients and the TV package costing just £19.00 per month, it is little surprise that sky is the limit for its customers and those working here.

Sky TV

Operating multi-channel services in UK and Ireland, Sky TV offers its viewers entertainment ranging from movies, sports and news to interactive services through its Sky digital network. There are more than 50 TV and radio channels to choose from, 330 free-to-air channels, Electronic programme guide and the Sky guide.


Sky+ has personal video recorder that allows users to record more than 40 hours of programmes. The special features are recording two programmes simultaneously as well as watching other recorded programmes at the same time, pausing and even rewinding of Live TV. The most unique feature worth mentioning would be the “Series Link” feature which allows you to record and entire series of TV programme at the click of a single button.


In the recorded history of Sky, Sky+HD is the fastest growing product and has earned more than 2.9 million customers since it began in May 2006.

With such a massive client base and regular launching of projects, employees working at Sky find the working environment stimulating and challenging. Sky has frequent openings in various vistas like corporate and support which covers finance, technology, legal, betting and gaming etc., and content and production that involves broadcast operations, coverage of news, sports and entertainment programs etc.

It is not just the work that motivates the employees of Sky to stay together but also the various benefits the company provides for its employees.

Sky+, Broadband and discounted Talk – It is not just the customers who get to enjoy all these products, employees get to enjoy it as well and that too free of cost

Each employee is entitled to 25 days leave annually and those who have worked over a long period of time get 5 days extra leave per year

Employees of Sky are entitled to a Pension plan to which the company contributed 8% of the salary and this is apart from ill health cover and free life assurance.

Employees even get a stake to buy in the company’s shares through the Share Save plan.

With so many benefits, it is little surprise that both the customers and employees of Sky are a satisfied lot, something quite rare to find in the current marketplace.


Sky Graduate Jobs

by admin on August 1, 2010

Employees can find the most rewarding experience while at Sky especially their graduates and apprentices programme. Through the grad programmes and apprenticeships, youngsters (minimum age to join the program is 16-17 years) can kickstart their career and get to work in UK’s most popular entertainment company, in any work environment that is both exciting and innovative.